About Us

An Idea Is Born

Turnkey Serenity Homes is a Georgia based real estate wholesaling and investment company. Our mission is to provide effective and profitable services to our clients. We continue to examine new ways and mechanisms to make the buying and selling process faster, easier, and more cost effective. Our company offers the most professional, knowledgeable, and profound services in the industry. We vow to place our clients needs or concerns in the forefront of every transaction. Turnkey Serenity Homes stands as a testament to being genuinely committed to the financial well-being of our clients.

To Fulfil A Dream

At Turnkey Serenity Homes, we purchase distressed homes in any condition. When wholesaling our properties, we submit all cash offers to our seller. As a buyer, we uncover properties that are below market prices to receive profitable returns on your investment. We're committed to diligently finding properties that'll meet your real estate needs. As a real estate investment company, we provide secure turnkey properties in strong housing markets.  Our homes add diversity and financial security to the housing market. We offer our clients 100% ownership, high quality,  and affordable prices to their future home.